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Auro Domus Group has developed one of the largest and fastest-growing ATM networks in Croatia, managing more than 600 devices at premium locations. Recognized by the famous black and yellow brand, Auro Domus ATMs provide hundreds of thousands of customers with fast currency conversion and easy cash withdrawal.


Availability of service

Auro Domus ATMs are set up at the busiest locations in Croatia and cover the entire coastline, tourist sites as well as urban centers and the metropolis – the city of Zagreb. More than 600 devices guarantee maximum service availability.

Safe and secure transactions

An extensive ATM network enables instant transactions and services that meet customer needs. Safe, fast and easy service is the basic goal of our company, and such a goal requires constant expansion and upgrade of quality.

Fulfilling all customer needs

The astounding growth and success of Auro Domus are based on the constant monitoring of market trends, investing in employee education and insisting, not only on fulfilling but also exceeding all customer wishes

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